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EARTHWORKS reservoir
Earthworks Reservoir  Subsurface Description Solutions and Technologies from Experts for Experts

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Consultants in Exploration and Production to the Oil and Gas Industry

Earthworks Reservoir

Company Profile

Earthworks Reservoir provides specialised expertise and turnkey project work to the oil and gas industry. Earthworks Reservoir are experts in geophysics, geology and geostatistics. The team provides data processing and analysis for description of subsurface geology of hydrocarbon reservoirs. Earthworks Reservoir has an international client base and has worked datasets from Exploration to Production for clients all over the world including fields and prospects in Canada, USA, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Falkland Islands, Trinidad and Tobago, UK, Denmark, Italy,  Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Uganda Syria, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Australia Our clients include Majors, large independents, small independents and start-up oil companies.  Our regular clients return for the quality and expertise they know we can provide and our track record of successful seismic inversion studies, depth and volumetric uncertainty evaluations and reservoir characterization and modelling speaks for itself. Earthworks Reservoir provides: Services include pre- and post-stack seismic inversion, stochastic seismic inversion, reservoir modelling, geostatistical depth conversion, seismic QI, lithology, facies and fluid prediction, rock physics and volumetric studies. Software Earthworks Seismic Inverison (ESI) plug-in for Petrel and DecisionSpace as well as HIIP, our revolutionary depth and volumetric uncertainty analysis software.

Training Provision of world-class courses in seismic inversion, geostatistics and reservoir

modelling and depth conversion and GRV uncertainty.

Consultancy for when you need a second opinion.




EARTHWORKS reservoir  www.earthworks-reservoir.com    +44 (0) 1722 343990  sales@earthworks-reservoir.com DT-AMPô - INTERACTIVE DETUNING OF SEISMIC VOLUMES SOFTWARE EVALUATIONS NOW AVAILABLE FIND US AT PETEX 2016 #B5 Instantly identify tuning on your seismic and slices to section Crossplot and detune to attribute slice
Relative Impedance
Bright Amplitudes
•     Localised Features
•     Tuning!
Detuned Relative Impedance
Detuned Amplitudes
•    Structural Conformance
•    Geology!
So you’ve run your inversion.
Have you detuned it?
Tuning Effects Mask True Geological Trends.
Earthworks Reservoir DT-AMP™ 3D Seismic
Removes tuning from 3D
Accelerates amplitude interpretation
De-risks amplitude anomalies
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Known Values
Basic Geometry
Inline spacing:    Crossline spacing: 

Point 1
X:    Y: 
Inline:    Crossline: 

Known data: 

Inline direction:    Crossline direction: 
Point 2
X:    Y: 
Inline:    Crossline: 

Point 3
X:    Y: 
Inline:    Crossline: 


(inline, crossline) to (x,y)
Inline:  Crossline: 
X:  Y: 
(x,y) to (inline, crossline)
X:  Y: 
Inline:  Crossline: 
Inline direction:  Crossline direction: 


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